Indie Spotify Playlists Worth Following


If you are looking for lofi hip hop or Afropop playlists to chill, study or unwind after a long day then these are the top picks for you. Supporting real Artists in the scene [Unlike many other playlists out there!]. These 3 playlists cover a range of themes from upbeat to sleepy. Playlists updated monthly with new finds and If you are a music artists, submissions are also open. More info at the end on how to submit.

Lofi Chill Study Beats

Lofi chill study is a playlist full of warm mellow beats to unwind and relax to, these include soft textured drums, organic foley and moody chord progressions. This is the perfect allrounder with an overall laid-back easy listening mood, with some of the most interesting and well produced lofi tracks out there. Perfect for the usual chill, study and relax.

Afrobeats / Dancehall Party

This playlist is for anyone wanting the warmth, texture and sounds of tropical sounds but with a more upbeat energetic flow. 

Life Ingredients

This  playlist is perfect for those late night party sessions, or listening in the car.

Morning Coffee Taste

Bonus playlist with new music releases. A space that focuses on ground breaking new music arrivals.

Submissions for spotify Playlist are currently open. Please follow and have a listen to get a feel for the vibe and send any tracks in. You can follow Axel Dorothea on instagram for updates on new playlist.