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  • New Artist Alert: Raw Daimond – Deadly Venom (Official Video) - Qpview is thrilled to be working with Raw Daimond again on the video for “Deadly venom”. we are excited. Watch “Deadly venom” here The video was directed by Axel Dorothea. The song is the second music video In collaboration with Axel Dorothea. Between the obvious late horror references in the dim lit scene, it was […]
  • Here’s Jesuismichy New Track “Color Paper” - This track is definitely their most infectious, and least humble, collaboration about money an haters. The track was produced by Jesuismichy frequent collaborator Axel Dorothea. It’s unclear if “Color Paper” is a certified banger but it definitely a dance floor favorite. You can stream the song now on Apple Music/iTunes, YouTube, and Spotify. Comments comments
  • Life Ingredients- Spotify Playlist - What separates “Life ingredients ” from other playlists is the fact that it truly feels curated, and not beholden to the statistics that make most playlists seem interchangeable. The world’s biggest streaming service has created an ecosystem integral to the future of most musicians, and so far, hip-hop has embraced this new playing field more […]
  • DISCOVER AFROBEATS/AFROPOP PLAYLIST - SPOTIFY  AFRO BEATS/AFROPOP PLAYLIST Discover “Afro Mood ” on Spotify  Get ready for the ultimate Afrobeat playlist, featuring some of the biggest songs from the hottest fusion genre that is taking over right now. Your favourite artists are bringing out huge tunes inspired by infectious Afrobeats and Dancehall rhythms. Check out the freshest Afrobeats songs […]
  • New Artist Alert: Raw Daimond – Bring The Sh#t Back (Official Video) - Qpview is thrilled to be working with Raw Daimond on the video for “Bring The Sh#t Back”. we are excited. Watch “Bring The Sh#t Back” here The video was directed by Axel Dorothea. The song is the first single from Raw Daimond upcoming EP. Between the obvious late 90s/early 2000s references in the wardrobe and […]
  • New Artist Alert: Axel Dorothea & JeSuisMichy – Django (Official Music Video) - Axel Dorothea & JeSuisMichy drops a new video for the song “Django” also directed by Axel Dorothea, Have you heard the single yet and what do you think about it as a ‘Hip Hop song’ Comments comments
  • SPOTIFY QPVIEW PLAYLIST : Life ingredients Hip hop New Gene #GoodTimes 2018 - Featuring Kendrick Lamar, Migos, Nipsey Hussle, and more This playlist is refreshed regularly, with music on spotify. Get on it. In Spotify you can indicate that you want to continue following this playlist. The playlist is an eclectic mix of hip hop, electronic, and indie meaning there’s a little something there for everyone. Make sure […]
  • Django music video (Teaser) - Catch the latest teaser from JeSuisMichy music video for the track:  Django! I’ve been in the studio, written a half a dozen tunes, and possibly, the most exciting news is that the music video I’ve been working on with JeSuisMichy for Django is almost done!  It’s be released very very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for the […]
  • DUTCH PRODUCER AXEL DOROTHEA PRODUCES THE NEW JESUISMICHY SINGLE ‘DJANGO’ - Axel Dorothea produces the new single – DJANGO – by artist JeSuisMichy The new single from the hip hop artist is produced by creative producer Axel Dorothea (DFluxx). The collaboration has started and the first tracks are already in the mix. JeSuisMichy has been writing and producing his own music for a while, but for […]

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