Raw Diamond
Genre: Hip Hop  Current Members: Raw Daimond  Active: Current

Raw Diamond is a realistic and a concious musical artist who is living in the north of Holland.

He was born in Surinam at the 8 of november 1971, but was raised in the city of Groningen. When he reached the age of puberty he learnt about  hip hop!!!. DIrectly he was in love with this type of music. 

First he started to become a hip hop dancer, but later on he started to write his own lirics. At that moment he was developing himself as a MC. He became a member of various rap crews such as, DA ZOMBI SQUAD, ROUGH RIME CREATORS, and SPITT PITT. 

He got his insperation from various artists from the eighties and nineties such as Mopp Deep,Biz markie, Big Daddy kane, Cool G rap, Nas, E.P.M.D., K solo, O.C. Das EFX, Public Enemy, K.R.S. One, Eric B & Rakim.

Their first release is an EP with the title “Real rap no gimmicks” This is a work in the field of Underground Hip Hop is available on bandcamp.

At the moment he is working with full dedication on his Second E.P, wich he’ll be launching in 2020. Artistic rhymes ( in different languages) together with authentic and orginal beats, is what is on the menu. He is doing this without losing the essence of real hip hop.

Raw uncut with a message !!!