Genre: Hip Hop  Current Members: Maas  Active: Current

Masija van leeuwen better known by artist name Maas. Is a rapper / singer. Born in Den haag and raised in Groningen. After discovering, among others, Eminem, KraantjePappie and Drake, she has been involved in making hip-hop / modern music. So a lot of variation. Meanwhile, 19 years and already for a while busy writing own text.

I started making music because it was an outlet for me. I could tell my story and put my emotions into it.
Because that is my way to deal with feelings.
What I want to achieve with music is to tell stories and hope that I can help other people with it. 

Since recently she has dived into the studio in collaboration with jesuismichy and Dfluxx and together they made her first official number called: only what counts.

“My lyrics are honest and captured from events in my life with pumping beats, uplifting / swinging melodies, with a raw hip-hop vibe”

What the future is waiting for Maas is not yet very clear, but what I can say is that we are going to hear a lot from her so you have to keep an eye on her.