Groningen-based popartist, vocalist and songwriter Axel Dorothea teams up with Moluccan hip hop artist Mister Numz with his new single ‘Flows Heaters’.
Flows Heaters is a fun single about the qualities and abilities of the artists. Production that is mix of trap and lofi makes you want to start moving your waist and make you want to have fun = 100% the mood song for summer 2023.

Axel’s homespun sound nestled somewhere between pop and electronica he’s already built a stellar back catalog thanks to a diverse and captivating string of releases. From Afropop like ‘Okay’ to more emotive moments like ‘Better Half’ bedroom pop this exciting artist has got you covered.

Mister Numz is best known for his work with rap supergroup ̃The Rapmedians’ and the collective ̃Bawah Tanah’. he has now gone solo.



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