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Axel Dorothea (DFuxx) was born in Curacao. Having grown up in close proximity to two Musicians his mother and father has made his love of music grow tremendously. Throughout his life, he has always been fascinated by images. so naturally, he was also drawn to photography. The music interest was cultivated during his teenage years and further developed later in the studio as a producer. his music style is al over the place, he has a passion for both EDM and bands such artists  as Nick Drake, KSHMR, Radiohead, Coldplay R kelly, Rihanna and the hip hop beats and dynamic rhythms of migos, Kendrid lamar, lil Wayne.

Axel delved even more into his portrait photographic practice, which involved bringing out the beauty within.

Axel: “I love bringing out the best in each person. It makes me feel alive, you know?

My work is multimedial: the choice of medium depends on the situation or project.”

The images, that he takes are only part of the narrative. It is the collaboration and connection between him and the artist that he cherishes the most. he feels that the artistic exchange between music and photography opens up many opportunities.

He continues to develop a range of creative projects with a range of collaborators, as both a creative and producer.